Your hair is all you. Whether it’s curly or coily. Braids or bangs. Top knot or twisted, tied up or let loose. Afro, bun, low pony. Box braids or bantu. Cornrows or #QuarantineCurls.

However you want to do you today, you need hair care that gets it. Bread Beauty Supply™ creates haircare basics for not so basic hair. Whether you’re looking to transition away from chemical relaxers for the first time, or you’ve already been doing your own thing for a minute, we make sure you’ve got the fundamentals straight. Spend less time worrying about wash day. More time thinking about anything else.

Do more. Do less. Do you. Get it?

Simplifying wash day.

  • Step 1: wash.

    Section wet hair into four equal parts. Apply, section at a time, making sure the product reaches both your scalp and strands. Scrub using the pads of your fingers, then rinse. Repeat. Or don’t.

  • Step 2: mask.

    Apply a generous amount of hair–mask from root to tip in sections. Smooth through. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, add water, and gently detangle with fingers or comb. Rinse.

  • Step 3: oil.

    Apply as you like - to wet hair after wash and mask, or dry hair in-between wash days. Add a few drops to hair-mask, or your body cream - or use as a pre-wash oil treatment.

  • Step 4: you

    Do more. Do less. Do whatever. Do you. Get it?