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Kit 1-Wash

All of the essentials. For curl types 3a–4c



An edit of your wash day essentials.

Wash-day sounds like a chore because sometimes it is. Let’s not make it any harder than it needs to be. And for the days in-between, let’s keep it simple. Our full-size kit gives you everything you need for a good wash-day (think easy detangling, and soft supple curls), plus a bonus bread-puff (aka scrunchie). It’s extra stretchy elastic for all the hair, and made from 100% satin. Use to wear your hair up, or put on your wrist as an accessory.

Our basics for not so basic hair:

> Step 1: cleanse hair and scalp with hair-wash.

> Step 2: moisturise and condition with hair-mask.

> Step 3: lock in conditioning properties and keep hair pliable and soft with hair-oil.

> Step 4: style with a bread-puff (aka scrunchie), or simply wear it on your wrist.

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You make good hair, we make good hair products—starting with wash day.

  • Step 1: wash.

    Section wet hair into four equal parts. Apply, section at a time, making sure the product reaches both your scalp and strands. Scrub using the pads of your fingers, then rinse. Repeat. Or don’t.

  • Step 2: mask.

    Apply a generous amount of hair–mask from root to tip in sections. Smooth through. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, add water, and gently detangle with fingers or comb. Rinse.

  • Step 3: oil.

    Apply as you like - to wet hair after wash and mask, or dry hair in-between wash days. Add a few drops to hair-mask, or your body cream - or use as a pre-wash oil treatment.

  • Step 4: you.

    Do more. Do less. Do whatever. Do you. Get it?

  • “Ladies with 3a to 4c hair types, this ones for you”


  • “ a few hours, had some of the softest, defined, and voluminous curls I've had in a while.”


  • “The packaging for the entire range is great, but what’s inside is even better”


Simplifying wash day